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Welcome to 3dvrWeb for the Best Mobile Site Design

mobile web designWelcome to 3dvrWeb for the Best Mobile Site Design

At 3dvrWeb Best Mobile Site Design we specialise in producing beautiful high converting mobile websites to ensure you attract more mobile customers to your business.

Many websites are not engineered to display well on mobile devices and you may be losing business because of this. Even if your site has a more modern responsive theme installed on it; this still does not display as well as a purpose built and mobile optimized site.

Mobile optimized sites are designed to load faster and overcome some of the limitations of mobile handsets with regards browsers and Flash capability. Many mobile browsers will not show all your site content correctly and you may be missing out on value business or leads if this is your site.

Our sites are designed to be quick loading and respond quickly on mobile devices. They areĀ  also designed to be driven by touch and not a mouse. The packages we offer also contain additional features you will benefit from on a mobile site in order to maximize the value of the ever increasing mobile traffic.

To view and scroll around a mobile optimised website check out the linked page. You can view this page on your desktop to view it as it would look on a mobile device or alternatively you can scan the QR codes there that are listed there to view it directly on your mobile device.

Our packages are specifically designed with features which will boost your online marketing efforts to a mobile audience. If the visitor is not mobile they will see you regular content but if they are mobile they will see the optimised content firstly and you can choose to lead them back to your main site content if you then desire.

Read more about our best mobile website builder service here for the best mobile site designs.

Mobile Data Usage 2013 Statistics

mobile data usage 2013Mobile Data Usage 2013 Statistics

Here is another great mobile data usage 2013 info-graphic with regards the explosion of mobile data usage and use of mobiles for accessing online content. Consumers are now stating that they no longer see a barrier between accessing content from their desktop or their mobiles; as long as it’s available in a format which they can easily access.

50% of mobile users now use their mobiles as the primary or exclusive method to access content online!!

Nearly 60% of mobile users said they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile web site

80% of consumers stated they intend to undertake eCommerce within the next 12 months.

State of mobile 2013

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